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Real conversations have many branches Chat should match By adding a spatial dimension Like this
Existing chat platforms

Chat is linear. The most recent message is at the bottom, and the least recent is at the top.

Competitors try to accomodate conversations' branches, but their attempts fall short—like duplicating the message that's being replied to or only letting you view a thread of replies in a separate, secondary window.

XpanXn is different

XpanXn adds a horizontal dimension for keeping track of conversation topics.

Reply to a message multiple times to create new topic columns. The vertical placement of messages still keeps them ordered by time, and when a topic column hasn't been used for a while, it becomes available to house a new topic.

Send a single message to multiple contacts separately, but see all of their replies simultaneously.

Prioritizing privacy

You're the customer, not the product.

The messages you send through XpanXn won't be mined by third parties or sold to them, and XpanXn's focus on direct interaction eliminates the noise of social media.

XpanXn doesn't use tracking cookies or tracking libraries, and it's ad-free.

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You're the customer, not the product.

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